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Who’s Responsible for Learning Effectiveness at Your Bank or Credit Union?

We talk a lot about training but we don’t have enough emphasis on learning effectiveness. It is easy to be fooled and buy into the myth that training that is conducted in a bank or credit union is entirely dependent upon the effectiveness of the trainer. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Accountability for training and learning effectiveness needs to be broad and deep. To ensure the company gets the very best return on payroll, systems and products, the ownership must hold all key parties responsible for quality work. Quality work is dependent upon job know-how, training, tools, coaching, and leadership.  If any piece of the quality puzzle is missing or misshapen there will be breakdowns that impact the bottom line, service delivery and satisfaction – the customers and the workers.

A high profile advocate at your bank needs to be a visible, vocal champion of training. The person who states the vision, purpose and expectation of learning in the culture.

The trainer needs training, support and to be accountable for their piece in the puzzle. As does everyone else. Learning must become the heartbeat of your culture.

Still Learning,