How do community banks cope with the great recession and Dodd-Frank?

The Impact of the Great Recession on Community Banks

The financial crisis should have been a wake-up call, but instead, the government doubled down with Dodd-Frank; A way to encourage consolidation by adopting extraordinary assistance programs to ensure the survival of banks that are too big to fail. But what about the community banks? How are they affected by these regulations? Do they even play a role in what caused the great recession and how do they cope with them?

To find out, Honey talks to Roger Beverage, president and CEO of the Oklahoma Bankers Association since March 1988.

About our Guest

Roger has more than 30 years of legal experience in banking matters. He was a trial lawyer for several years and had regulatory and supervisory responsibilities for Oklahoma’s financial institutions and securities industry. Roger shares his insights on the waves of rules and regulations the great recession has flooded community banks with.


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