5 Ways to Build an Enviable Workplace

5 Ways to Build an Enviable Workplace

Strategies to Boost Employee Satisfaction

It doesn’t take a boatload of perks or high-priced consultants to make your branch a great place to work. Demonstrating a genuine interest in others, giving employees the responsibility and power to get their jobs done, and giving them respect all go a long way to elevating employee satisfaction.

Respect Boundaries, Stay Real

When you schedule meetings, give thought to the impact your request has on others. Employees have their own plan for the day in full swing and are often thrown into a frenzy to accommodate a meeting request at the last minute. Likewise, stay real about the flexibility that will be needed for employees with home and family obligations.

Filter Kindness Throughout the Culture

Employees tend to treat clients the same way they’re treated at work. So kindness has numerous payoffs. Be kind. It sounds so simple and it is; kindness is often overlooked in our busy working world. Kindness means showing interest in others.

Provide Training for your Front-Line Supervisors

When employees think about who they work for, they don’t think about the CEO or the Board of Directors. They think about their supervisor. And nothing sours a job faster than a bad boss. A well-trained, well-suited supervisor can create an environment that makes a difference. A good front-line supervisor can motivate employees to do a great job; a bad one can cause employees to just show up to work every day and go through the motions.

Tell Employees Where They Stand

Are they meeting expectations? Exceeding expectations or falling short? Are your employees exceptional? From the corner office to the custodian, employees want to know where they stand. If they’re not making the cut or are falling behind in accomplishing objectives or meeting sales quotas, let them know. Respect means delivering employees the bad news. And be sure and tell them early enough so they can try to turn the situation around.

End Boredom, Offer Challenges

Nothing beats boredom faster than a company culture that fosters innovation. Companies that offer a challenging work environment tend to attract better employees. That means asking employees what they think and empowering them to get their jobs done.

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