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How To Diffuse Any Heated Customer Interaction With Ease

Don’t we all wish that every customer interaction is a smooth and pleasant experience where all parties respect each other? The reality is that some experiences, unexpected news or unfortunate events can bring out a strong negative energy in some customers. In the heat of the moment those customers can vent their emotions on the people in your front-line: your tellers. Training your tellers to handle these heated customer interactions with confidence and calmness is imperative. Equip your tellers with the techniques that enable them to satisfy the hard-to-please by using the five point customer contact rule.

  1. Remain friendly and keep your smile up
    Don’t raise your defenses, it will turn the situation into a power struggle
  2. Show interest in the customer’s issue
    Showing genuine interest is a strong signal that you are committed to solving the issue
  3. Maintain eye-contact
    Don’t look away, stay focused on the customer as this is yet another signal that you are dedicated to find a solution
  4. Express appreciation for their feedback
    Signaling that your customer’s feedback is important shows that your organization puts its customer’s satisfaction first.
  5. Use the customer’s name
    Using the customer’s name makes the conversation a little more personal and it grabs people’s attention. Bring your customer out of a frenzy by repeating their name to get their focus back.

Using these techniques will show your customer you are interested in resolving their issue professionally. It will quickly bring the heat down so you have the opportunity to get to the root of the problem, find a solution and ultimately provide outstanding service.

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