How's Your Relationship with E-Mail?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox?

Organize Your InboxHow Do You Organize Your Inbox? DO you organize your inbox? When you open your inbox, do you hold your breath in fear of an avalanche of new e-mails? There’s no denying that e-mail makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious, even stressed. Each new message is screaming for attention and we usually feel obligated to respond to them straight away. In the meantime, our other work lags behind and our whole day becomes disorganized.

A Scenario You Will Recognize

Your coworker, or worse, your supervisor asks you to print a copy of that e-mail from last week. You know, the one with the important meeting notes. This is the moment your heart-rate increases. It’s not that you haven’t seen the mail. You clearly remember reading it 3 days ago. You just can’t seem to find it as you scroll down a couple of pages. You start sweating as you type ‘meeting’ in the search function and all that pops up is an e-mail entitled “50% OFF meeting planners. Act before December 1st 2004”.

Even if you vigorously try to tackle the never-ending stream of messages, ultimately you will reach a point where you don’t feel in control anymore.
We say it’s time to retake control of your inbox. Conquer Your Inbox is our webinar that will help you organize your inbox. You’ll learn techniques that will help you organize your inbox and keep it that way! It’s available on CD-ROM, so why wait? Start to organize your inbox today!

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