Hot Tips for Training Others at Your Bank

Take Control of the Training Room Right Away!

If you are committed to being effective at training others at your bank or credit union, here are few hot tips for you. Whether you are training one person or fifty, lay the ground rules in your training environment first thing. Solicit input from attendees about what they think are best practices that make for an excellent training environment. Post the results on a flip chart or whiteboard for everyone to see throughout the training event. Try to keep it to about ten points.

Here is a starter list

  1. Cell phones off or on vibrate.
  2. Check messages at breaks.
  3. No texting during class.
  4. Participate willingly.
  5. Be on time for class and when breaks are done.
  6. Answer questions.
  7. Have fun.

Stay tuned to what you see

Be observant and respond to what you see by taking action that keeps the trainee’s interested. Watch for signs your learners aren’t getting it or need a break.

 BehaviorWhat it means


Nodding affirmatively

Leaning forward

Making eye-contact





Vacant stare

Shuffling feet

Leaning back in chair

Looking at clock


Need for a break

I want to leave



Pursing lips

Avoiding eye contact


Feeling lost

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