Hire The Personality, Train The Skills

Hire the Personality, Train the Skills

What do you think about that? We help bank and credit union trainers excel at designing and delivering training that teaches people what they need to learn in order to do their job. The trainer’s job is to identify the competencies the worker must master to ensure the work is accurate, complete and competent. The caveat is that the trainer needs learners that want to excel on the job. It is very hard to teach someone to be socially savvy and motivated to excel. It is much easier to teach people how to complete a process or fill out a form.

The greatest stress, the biggest ailment in the workplace comes from how people “act” toward others. It always gets executive management’s attention if a client is mistreated by an employee and it very well should. I think the bar should be set that behavior that is unacceptable when interacting with a client is equally unacceptable with others you work with. A company that wants to create an exceptional place to work has to take a hard look at what kind of work environment exceptional people want to show up for each day.

No doubt you can dress, rehearse, learn your lines, and act in such a way in a job interview that you are sure to leave a very positive impression with the prospective employer. It’s recommended. It’s proven that the interview can trump the resume when recruiting new talent.  I want to pose this question: “When should you not present yourself on the job as you did when you secured it?”

Everyone that wants a job recognizes the impression they make sets the stage for what will happen next. Someone that doesn’t strife to make a positive impression in a job interview is a red flag. This candidate might be the most qualified but they certainly won’t work at taking pride in how others they serve or work with see them.

Second and third interviews serve a couple of purposes. Additional interviews convey how important the selection process is to the company and the more comfortable the candidate becomes. When we move past first impressions we get a good look at how someone acts on autopilot.

Don’t misunderstand me, competency, skills, expertise and experience are critical to job performance so hiring someone that is engaging and enthusiastic but unqualified is not a good trade.  It’s a fact that you get hired for what your resume offers but if you can’t play well with others – others will regret you got the job.

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