Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Drive Results, Engage Employees

The most important decision executives make is whom they name as manager, at all levels throughout the company. The pivotal point to drive results sits in the lap of the front-line managers. They are the leaders that have everyday interaction with up to 90% of the workforce. They’re the ones who have to engage employees.

Two impactful strategies that can ensure employee engagement

  1. Select or develop talented managers
  2. Optimize performance plans for managers and their direct reports

A talented manager is one that is known for the ability to be a motivator. Constantly challenging and encouraging themselves and their team to embrace continuous improvement and deliver on expectations.

Managers who can engage employees are gutsy without bulldozing their way with those they lead. They assume the responsibility for the team’s success and have accountability built-in to every team member’s performance plan, including their own.

How To Engage Employees?

To engage employees you need a manager that builds a positive work environment. The team culture encourages strong relationships with each other and extends to other co-workers, vendors, and clients.

Lastly, champions of employee engagement are able to solve the many complex issues and problems innate to the role. These respected managers think ahead. They carry a compass pointed toward employee engagement and plan for change. They balance competing priorities and take an analytical approach to decision-making.

Gallup Poll says highly engaged organizations outperform their peers and managers play the most significant role in driving employee engagement.

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