Honey Shelton's Blog: Google Search Tips

Get on Your Mark, Get Set to Use Short Cuts!

Last time, our Project/IT Coordinator, Maarten Cappaert, showed us some helpful tips and short cuts to get more targeted search results when searching the internet for information. This time, he shows us some other neat things that you didn’t you know you could do with Google!

  • Set timer for 10 minutes. This turns google into a countdown clock, complete with audio alerts when the set time is over. This is a great tool to keep control of your time. Set it to any time you want in hours, minutes, seconds.
  • Stock Ticker. Turn Google into a stock ticker just by entering any stock code. Want to keep track of Apple? Just type AAPL and hit search.
  • Tracking Numbers.No need to go to the package delivery service’s website to look for a tracking tool buried somewhere on their website. Just enter the Tracking number in Google for instant results.
  • Google Recipes. Did you know Google has a sub-site, dedicated to recipe search? You can even specify a calorie count, exclude or include specific ingredients, or tell it how much time you wanna spend cooking. Try it here
  • Dictionary. Google define followed by any word you need the definition for without having to consult a dictionary.
  • Unit conversions. Always wonder how many miles are in one light-year? Ask google 1 lightyear to miles to know the answer. If you are not the captain of the USS Enterprise it works for temperatures, weights and more earthly distances too!
  • Sports. Big sports fan? Just type the name of your favorite team to see a schedule, game scores and more.



If you also read Maarten’s tips to “Speed Up Your Cyberspace Search Skills“, you should be a genuine internet wizz and have some new tricks up your sleeve to optimize your time management skills!

Still learning,