Lead Management

Four Essential Elements of Lead Management

A system of motivation that I am a student of is called, Choice Theory. It is the premise for understanding why all of us do what we do, when we do it.  Want to learn how to succeed at leading others?  Check out these four elements of Lead Management and ask me about Supervisor Boot Camp.

  • The leader engages the workers in a discussion of the quality of the work to be done and the time needed to do it so that they have a chance to add their input. The leader makes a constant effort to fit the job to the skills and the needs of the workers.
  • The leader or a worker designated by the leader shows or models the job so that the worker who is to perform the job can see exactly what the manager expects. At the same time, the workers are continually asked for their input as to what they believe may be a better way.
  • The leaders asks the workers to inspect or evaluate their own work for quality, with the understanding that the leader accepts that they know a great deal about how to produce high-quality work and will therefore listen to what they say.
  • The leader is a facilitator in that he shows the workers that he has done everything possible to provide them with the best tools and workplace as well as a non-coercive, non-adversarial atmosphere in which to do the job.

Lead management is the basic reform we need to generate quality and increase productivity. It is the way to manage, coach and lead others so that the worker stays motivated. Motivation is an internal thing it comes from within. Regardless of where it comes from, supervisors are expected to lead the team to perform more efficiently and effectively.

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