Five Points that Ensure Quality Training

As you contemplate creating a training session keep in mind that all training is intended to either prevent problems, correct problems or prepare people to make a change.  In a few cases, a training program is aimed at all three of these. Here are five points to ensure quality training sessions.

1.      Establish clear learning objectives.

What is the point of the training?
What are the expected outcomes and takeaways of the training?

Example: The point of the training is to increase accuracy, speed and efficiency with the new account platform system.

2.       Create targeted content

What content will best support the stated goals?

Example: If the learning objective is “to increase accuracy, speed and efficiency with the new account platform system”, what information should you include and present to reach that objective

3.       Consider all delivery options

What teaching methods will you employ?

Example: Teaching methods that draw on the knowledge, experience and expertise of experienced users in class and generate discussions with less experienced users may be a highly effective option to support transfer of knowledge.

4.       Monitoring, assessing and tracking results

How will you know if the trainees have learned the content?
How will you know if the learning objectives were achieved?

Example:  A hands-on demonstration by the trainer and then by the trainees might be used to indoctrinate and educate users on the platform system application.  For these types of skills, a mastery of at least 90% of the exercise content is a reasonable standard.

5.       Post training support and learning reinforcement

What tools will trainees leave with that can help them implement the learning?
What additional support will be available for trainees?

Example:  If lack of understanding persists after having attended the initial training, you should provide additional resources, coaching, reinforcement, discussions, etc.  A Quick Reference Guide is the type of tool trainees can quickly access for reminders or independent instruction until they have mastered the learning objective.

Quality training demands pre-planning and passionate execution.  Walk through these five points the next time you are ready to create quality training. If you want to give your training skills a serious boost, I highly recommend our Train the Trainer Boot Camp. But don’t take my word for it, check out the reviews!

Still learning,