Five Keys to Exceptional Teamwork

Five Keys to Exceptional Teamwork

How well teams work together depends on simple factors. While simple, they sometimes prove difficult to achieve! The factors that impact teamwork lie with leadership, the environment and within the team itself.

Add these five keys to your game plan and watch how it impacts teamwork at your organization!

  1. Leadership guides the team to gain understanding of the goals, mission and purpose. Make sure your leadership is effective, your teamwork will benefit from it.
  2. Each team member must acknowledge their commitment to the team and creates an environment of trust.
  3. Leaders and team members must commit to problem solving, innovation, open communication, and mutual respect.
  4. Encourage and practice participative leadership in all aspects of the team’s responsibilities. This includes leading/contributing to meetings, assessing progress, and providing training.
  5. Keep some basic do’s and don’ts in mind. The team has agreed to refrain from unhelpful behaviors (taking over, remaining silent, power struggles, procrastination, badmouthing the team or its members) and to practice helpful behaviors (self-evaluation, courtesy, listening, follow-through, and staying on purpose with the game plan).

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