Expressing Interest

Expressing Genuine Interest in Others

The Art of Expressing Interest

You know that person that you can’t wait to hear? That person that, when you see their picture appear on your phone, instantly makes you feel delighted. You feel that way because that person has developed the art of expressing real interest in you.

Are any of these people your coworkers? What do you know about the people you work with compared to your friends or family members? What about people you share common interests with such as those you attend church with or fellow members of a civic organization?

The difference often is that you communicate with friends or family as equals and are honest and open. The key is to treat coworkers with the same level of interest.

Engaging with Coworkers

One way to do this is to ask questions first, then listen. Refrain from dominating conversations and from taking the conversation from “all about them” to “all about you.” You’ll notice that when you master the art of listening and expressing a genuine interest, people will appreciate you more.¬†Think about it, you appreciate people that care about you too!

List all the people in your life that you want to pay more attention to. This exercise has a two-fold benefit. First of all, you get to know about others first hand, not through the rumor mill. This will improve working relationships and respect. Secondly, clarifying what behaviors and traits you admire in others is important to determine what behaviors and traits you will want to nurture in yourself.

Still learning,