techniques for evaluating customer service

Evaluating Your Customer Service

Monitoring and regularly evaluating your customer service is crucial in today’s competitive landscape. Your customer service is essential to create loyal customers who value the quality you offer. Still, many organizations don’t monitor, measure, or evaluate how the customer feels about their experience. If that’s the case for you, it’s time to start asking yourself: “How are we doing?”

The Mantra of Your Culture

A high desire to know what the customer has to say about your business is critical to evaluate your customer service in a meaningful way. “How are we doing?” must be the mantra of your culture. Seek and create opportunities to ask that question!

The answer to this question will show you where you need to improve. It will form the groundwork that must be laid to achieve that “wow” reaction in your customers. “How are we doing?” can also be the lead-up question for a referral, and it’s the best way to remind a satisfied customer what they like about doing business with you.

From Theory to Practice

A great way to start evaluating your customer service and convert this mantra into a habit is to designate days as “Gotta Know” days. There are two types of “Gotta Know” days: one will be when you collect feedback from customers calling or coming in; the other will involve targeted outbound calls to select groups of customers. Each month, circle three “Gotta Know” days dedicated to customers coming in and three others days that are days on which you call customers.

Prepare a simple survey postcard for incoming customers to complete and mail back or drop in a box before they leave. When a customer calls in, you can ask if they’d be willing to answer a few questions about the quality of the call and complete the survey with the customer on the phone. When you acquire a new customer, let them know that they may be contacted to offer feedback about their experience. In any case, explain why you are asking for feedback.

Don’t Believe Your Own Story

We’re accustomed to believing our own story and perhaps in denial or scared of the answers to the “How are we doing?”-question.  This is not uncommon and it’s why it’s essential to ensure your questions are unbiased and that all employees understand they shouldn’t put words in the customer’s mouth. The reality probably isn’t as bleak as you may anticipate!

Celebrate the positive feedback and learn from the disappointments and issues customers have. Remember: you can’t change anything you didn’t know about.

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