Deepening the Human Connection - Training Matters Episode 34 with featured guest Joe Sullivan

Deepening the Human Connection

Why is the subject of human connection so important to your business now? Why should you pay attention to human engagement and how do you start deepening the connection you have with your customers? Joe Sullivan is an expert on the topic and today he shares why and how to deepen your human connections in an increasingly digital world.

About our Guest

Joe Sullivan is the CEO and Founder of Market Insights, Inc. – a consulting firm with expertise in market analysis, delivery system planning, strategic planning, branding, marketing and culture transformation. As a consultant, author and professional speaker with more than 25 years of experience, the themes of growth, innovation, and motivation can be found throughout Joe’s work.

He has been invited to share his insights with international, national, regional and state associations/leagues as keynote and workshop presenter; and is on the current faculty of the Graduate School of Banking at University of Wisconsin and the Ohio Bankers League Management School. He has presented to hundreds of audiences on topics ranging from human connection, disruption, consumer trends, delivery system planning, marketing, leadership and the future of banking.

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