Customer Service Reality Check

Customers like to be treated like they matter to you!

Have you ever noticed that some things seem so clear from the outside, yet from within, things become cloudy and confused? We often see this in politics, when we accuse—often with good reason—elected officials for being “out of touch with reality”. What seems like common sense to us just doesn’t seem to filter into that bubble.

Bad customer service is almost ALWAYS a result of being out of touch with customer reality. It’s really quite simple; and perhaps even too simple to grasp, since we’re often in search of complicated answers to complicated problems.  Here’s the insight to memorize: Customers like to be treated like they matter to you!

Do have an automated recording telling customers that their call is important to you—so important that you keep telling them this over and over that by the time they reach 10 minutes on hold, it actually becomes insulting for them to be told that they’re important—when they obviously aren’t?

Is your team trained to actually listen and find out what the problem is and what solution the customer would like, before they try and resolve the situation? Learn how to handle any situation and make a difference with our Dealing with Difficult Customers recorded webinar.

Do you occasionally perform a customer service reality check? Become committed to behaviors that ensure you excel at customer service and become very focused on the behaviors you want to eradicate from the workplace.

Still learning,