Customer Objections and Cross-Selling

Prepare for customer objections

When timing is good always find out what the customer objections, concerns or reservations are when you suggest a product or service. Gentle probing will help you and your company in several ways:

  • When you know why the customer won’t buy you can share more information or clarify facts.
  • When customer’s resist or don’t perceive a product is valuable the company needs to be aware of how frequently that is happening.  It could be pricing or product features need to be adjusted.

Remember these tips when preparing for anticipated objections.

  • Don’t take no as an answer every time.  When it seems right, find out why a customer objects to a product or service.
    Mrs. Lewis, tell me about your reservations.
  • Restate what they said and encourage more conversation
    You just don’t feel comfortable paying bills online, tell me more about that.
  • Encourage the customer to share about their opinion, concerns or experience.
    Tell me more about that.

Use the feel, felt, found formula:

I understand how you feel. Other customers have told me they felt that way. Let me share with you what they found out.

Put these tips to work for you as you develop the skills of effective cross-selling. Our free article Cross-Selling: A Valuable Marketing Strategy gives you more information on this topic, check it out now!

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