Customer Identification: Is this ID real?

Identification rationale

Requesting, examining, and recording the presenter’s identification is an important part of the check-cashing decision.  It is how you determine whether the presenter is the person he or she claims to be. Since it is difficult to recognize everyone who wants to cash a check, properly identifying them is critical.

Customer Identification Six Point Validity Test

Determine the validity of customer identification using specific criteria.

Acceptable identification must:

  1. Contain a photograph.
  2. Describe the presenter.
  3. Show a sample of the presenter’s signature.
  4. Include the birth date of the presenter.
  5. Display a date of expiration.
  6. Be recognizable as an official I.D. and contain a registration or identification number.

Commonly acceptable forms of identification may include:

  • Valid Driver’s License with a photograph
  • Armed Forces issued  ID
  • USA/Foreign Passport
  • Official state Issued ID with a photograph
  • INS issued Alien Registration Card
  • Well-known employee I.D. cards that contain photograph
  • Government/military identification cards

REMEMBER: For the I.D. to be acceptable, it must pass the Six Point Test!

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