Cross-Selling Know How! What to Say?

Spot Opportunities, Start Conversations

Cross-selling opportunities are abundant at the branch. Be on the lookout and listen for cues the customer shares and respond with prompting questions and/or benefit statements. Always express congratulations to good news, compassion or regret to tough news.  Remember to assure your customer that you are willing and able to help. Cross-selling know how allows you to help the customer get what they need.  Branch personnel devoted to customer service will find cross-selling expertise is just another way to take great care of the customer. Stay alert to the opportunities that come your way every day.

Create your own scripts so you are prepared to start conversations and respond to the needs of the customer. It is easy to help customers get their needs met when you know what to say!

“I just started a new job.” 

Congratulations on your new job!  If you are going to have the opportunity to roll-over a 401K from your former employer many of my customers have found our investment area very helpful.  May I introduce you to one of our specialist?

“My husband got a promotion and we are going to celebrate this evening.”

What good news, that is wonderful!  Promotions usually prompt a pay increase and if that is the case for your husband that is even better news. Something to think about would be to start an automatic debit from your checking account and move any addition dollars into a savings or investment product so that your family benefits long term from a pay increase.  May I show you how that works?

“We spent last weekend looking at colleges for our son who will graduate this year.”

What excitement that must be for you and your family!  I am hearing that from several of my customers that they have children graduating this spring.  Now is an ideal time to set him up with a student account. That will give him time to practice managing a checking account and, since we don’t charge for using ATMs anywhere, that account will work for him wherever he ends up going to college.  Of course, when he is off to college you can easily add to his account if you needed to; can I introduce you to Julie so she can get that set up?

“Our A/C went out yesterday and I am worried sick over what the expense to fix it will be.”

We specialize in putting an end to worries.  If you have the time, let me introduce you to George Williams, he could talk with you about a line of credit. If you need money, a credit line is just the ticket for circumstances just like this.  I see he is free and I would like to at least introduce you, would that work?


Get busy spotting opportunities and starting conversations, you’ll find you enjoy your job more and your customers are more receptive!

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