Training Matters Talk Show: Are You Ready for Branch Transformation?

Are You Ready for Branch Transformation?

Is your bank or credit union prepared for changes in your marketplace? Are you adapting to the latest trends and demands? Are you even aware of them? If not, this episode will be your wake-up call. Don’t let changes in your market catch you by surprise! In this Training Matters Honey Shelton talks to Joe Sullivan, an expert in marketplace evaluation for banks and credit unions. Joe discusses how credit union and bank transformation is a must to keep up with the customer’s ever-changing needs. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

About our Guest

Joe Sullivan is the CEO and Founder of Market Insights. As a consultant, author and professional speaker with more than 20 years of experience, the themes of growth, passion, and purpose can be found throughout Joe’s work.

His life philosophy is simple:

Do something you are passionate about – every day!

Joe’s firm, Market Insights is a consultancy that focuses on the transformation of the financial services industry.  The firm focuses on delivery system planning and branch evolution, strategic planning, branding, marketing and culture transformation.

Over the years, Joe has been invited to share his insights as a consultant with many trade organizations, associations and banking schools including the Indiana, Ohio and Illinois Bankers Associations, CUNA Mutual Group, the American Bankers Association, the Financial Managers Society and the Univ. of Wisconsin Graduate School of Banking, etc. — on topics ranging from delivery systems, marketing, human resources, strategic planning to brand positioning and leadership.

Joe’s forward-thinking approach and energetic style engages his audiences and consistently makes him a top-rated speaker. Additionally, his unique perspective comes from working side-by-side with executives and marketers around the U.S. in the development of successful growth strategies. Joe incorporates these frontline experiences into his presentations and offers insights that challenge conventional thinking, creating a sense of excited urgency with his audiences.

If you enjoy this episode of Training Matters you’ll also enjoy Joe’s blog. We highly recommend it!

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