Honey Shelton's Blog: Clear a Path for Training to Stick

Clear a Path for Training to Stick

Training that Works is Training That Stick

In all service industries, like a bank or a credit union, well done training can help build more business. Untrained or unskilled staff can run business off. Bank and credit union trainers have their hands full trying to build and provide training. Especially meaningful, effective training that fits a tight time frame and doesn’t impede the work flow when people are pulled off the job to attend learning opportunities.

These same trainers need training. Invest in your trainers by providing them with what they need to contribute to the quality of learning at your company! Train the Trainer Boot Camp will give your trainers what they need in order to map out the training route and get the company to the destination that is spelled out in your vision and strategic plan! Take it one step further and allow your trainers to become Certified Training Professionals. A certification that is tailored for success at bank and credit union training.

CBTP - Certified Bank Training Professional CCUTP - Certified Credit Union Training Professional

Training is an Investment

When it comes to quality training, training that sticks, set your sights on your destination, map out the route and pay the toll. Clear a path for training to become a rock solid contributor to your culture, efficiencies and bottom line.

Everyone invested in your company hopes that the staff –from top to bottom– is well-trained. Are you using hope and luck as your strategies for making training a priority or do you enjoy the comfort that comes with developing well-heeled, training professionals, strategic goals and a strongly communicated plan? I am sure you would agree you need to rely on more than hope when it comes to people knowing how to do their job so that the company can build a well-earned reputation for excellence among customers, regulators, peers, investors and the community.

Let me ask you this, at times do you find yourself thinking we sure are lucky that we have people who know what to do and how to do it? Certainly, being grateful for the talent and skills of the staff is admirable and a best practice when expressed. However, should the hope and luck strategies crash, you will be even more grateful you aren’t working in a hospital!

Why wouldn’t the company want to take the same stance as a highly respected hospital or a well-run restaurant when it comes to training? Training is about preventing problems, solving problems, enhancing confidence and building collective and individual intelligence. Give your trainers the support they need so they can help clear the path for training to stick.

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