Certified Bank Training Professional

Congratulations! You’re about to lift your professional development to new heights by exploring and investing in your CBTP certification! Everyone benefits when training is done right!

CBTP certification proves your worth as a trainer. You will enable yourself to develop compelling training. Build the skills you need to become a respected trainer. Your CBTP credential provides your employer with tangible proof you can create training that results in learning. As a CBTP, you will dramatically impact learning retention throughout your Bank.

Danielle Smith, Certified Training Professional

Danielle's Journey

In October 2018 I started this journey to becoming a Certified Bank Training Professional (CBTP). Over the past 15 months I have completed 5 steps including Boot Camp, A to E Professional Development Assignment, Advanced week training, Final Exam and last but not least.. submitting a full training program! Through this journey I have learned how to approach things with the A to E Model. Assess, Build, Create, Deliver and Evaluate! These fundamentals have helped me approach training opportunities, projects and even some real life obstacles with a plan and direction! I am excited to say that as of January 2020 I am officially a Certified Bank Training Professional! I am thankful to those who started me on this journey and my employer for supporting and encouraging me in finishing this achievement! I am excited to continue applying what I have learned to create engaging, fun and effective training programs!

5 Steps to Become Certified

Step 1

Train the Trainer Boot Camp

Train the Trainer Boot CampTrain the Trainer Boot Camp is the starting point for any trainer who wants to be empowered with the confidence, skills, and tools to be an exceptional trainer! This four-day workshop is built around the A-E Professional Development Model and is your first step towards certification.

Train the Trainer Boot Camp takes place in Houston, TX and is typically offered in the spring and fall. Check for upcoming dates here.

Step 2

A-E Professional Development Assignment

A-E Professional Development Model GraphicThis assignment will help you deepen your understanding of the A-E Professional Development Model. The goal is to reinforce the principles of the A-E Professional Development Model and show us how you would apply the model in your workplace. To do so, you will be given a fictitious scenario in which you welcome a new trainer to your Bank. It’s up to you to help them be successful by assessing their strengths and weaknesses, introducing them to the A-E Professional Development Model, and evaluating their first days on the job.

Candidates typically spend 10-15 hours to complete the A-E Assignment successfully. The assignment is submitted online. No travel is required.

Step 3

Train the Trainer Advanced Week

Train the Trainer Advanced WeekTrain the Trainer Advanced Week represents the next level of training and learning. The focus of Advanced Week is to teach methods and techniques that impact the quality of your training delivery and lift the experience for participants to new heights. You will learn how to create a leader’s guide for training programs you develop and learn how to make your presentations and manuals stand out.

Train the Trainer Advanced Week takes place in Houston, TX and is typically offered in the spring and fall. Find a date now.

Step 4

Certification Exam

Certified Training Professional ExamThe certification exam will confirm the knowledge and expertise you have gained on your journey to certification. The exam is designed to test what you have learned during Train the Trainer Boot Camp, your A-E Professional Development Assignment, and Train the Trainer Advanced Week. The 100 question exam is designed to confirm your expertise as a stand-out trainer.

You will be tested on your understanding of the A-E Professional Development Model and alternative training methods. The exam also tests your knowledge of Peer Assisted Learning, your insights in visual design and your ability to create leader’s guides.

You can take the exam from your home or office. No travel is required.

Step 5

Submit a Training Program

It’s the end of your journey and time to proudly show what you’ve accomplished. Your final program submission will be a real-life project you selected. This training program must demonstrate your knowledge of the A-E Professional Development Model and illustrate how you put your knowledge of the model into action. Your work must also include a leader’s guide and adhere to the principles and best practices that you learned during Train the Trainer Advanced Week. Your work will be reviewed by a panel of experts in the field of training.

Candidates typically spend 20-30 hours developing or modifying a training program that reflects the best practices of the A-E Professional Development Model. You will submit your program online. No travel is required.

Your Investment

Candidates need to spend two times four days in Houston for in-person training. Other steps are completed remotely and submitted online. Expect to spend between 25 and 50 hours in addition to your time in Houston. Boot Camp and Advanced Week cost $1595 each. The Assignment and exam cost $795 each. There is no cost associated with the final project. If you are a member of The Training Institute, you receive a $200 discount on each paid step (for a total discount of $800) and become a Certified Bank Training Professional for $3980. If you are not a member you can become certified for $4780 or become a member today to get the discounted rate. Here is the complete breakdown of the investment:

Cost Investment Time Investment
Members Non-Members
Train the Trainer Boot Camp $1395 $1595 4 days
A-E Assignment $595 $795 10-15 hours
Train the Trainer Advanced Week $1395 $1595 4 days
Certification Exam $595 $795 2 hours
Final Project No Cost No Cost 25-30 hours