Training Matters Talk Show: Can You Simplify Compliance?

Can You Simplify Compliance?

Many of the people we work with ask us about regulatory issues. For this month’s Training Matters, Honey sought out an expert on the matter. How do you stay ahead of the burden of compliance? Darlia Fogarty from Compliance Alliance shares her expertise to answer all your questions related to the topic.

About our Guest

Darlia Fogarty brings a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to our banks as well as our staff. After 12 years as a commissioned national bank examiner with the OCC, Darlia developed an expertise in compliance while administering examinations in banks of all sizes. Darlia holds 10 years of experience as a compliance officer/auditor and 4 years as a compliance/audit consultant. Darlia has spoken at a number of conventions, meetings and schools throughout the years. Her articles can be found in State Banking Association magazines. Darlia oversees the creation of tools and resources while also fielding questions from a wide range of regulatory issues faced by banks of all sizes.

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