Increasing Your Quality of Life blog post

Increase Your Quality of Life

How Are You Increasing Your Quality of Life? Are you happy with your quality of life or do you procrastinate sometimes and later regret that? We all know how satisfying it is when we finally cross the item that’s been bugging us for months off our list. So, why do we postpone the things that would …

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Meeting Best Practices

Meeting Best Practices

Wasting Time on Unproductive Meetings is an Ongoing Issue It’s no secret that most employees would rather be working than sitting through an unproductive meeting. This is simply a consequence of not knowing why or how to meet. Follow these meeting best practices! Value Don’t meet for the sake of meeting. Your meeting must have …

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Talent Management Plan Wisconsin Banker Article featuring Honey Shelton

Do You Have a Talent Management Plan?

Talent Management Plans Develop Your People for enterprise-wide ROI by Amber Seitz This article appeared first in “Wisconsin Banker“ One of the most important investments an organization can make is to develop its staff. A recent Gallup study found that companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices have more engaging and productive workplaces, leading to …

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How to Become a Role Model

How to Become a Role Model

A role model is a person who others look up to, admire and want to emulate. A role model provides inspiration and sparks motivation to seek out accomplishments. Role models send messages about their beliefs by what they do and say. They refrain from boasting and are quick to say I messed up. So, how do you become …

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These People Drive Me Crazy

These People Drive Me Crazy!

These People Drive me Crazy! How long has it been since you’ve said that? How long have you been the topic of someone else’s drives-me-crazy list? We have all been there, that’s for sure! When you think to yourself: “These people drive me crazy!”, there’s no doubt at some point your bell was rung! This is …

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Training Matters Episode 14: Branch Security

Securing Your Branch Inside & Out

Have you ever dealt with a bank robber? Did it play out by the book? It’s hard to prepare for all potential scenarios and identify all possible branch security risks. With locations that are more open and visitor-friendly, it’s more important than ever to ask yourself: “Are we prepared for the worst? Is our branch …

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How to Create an Inclusive Workplace

How to Create an Inclusive Workplace

No two people are alike. We all have different backgrounds, beliefs, and opinions. Especially in the workplace, our uniqueness can cause friction or even lead to conflict if we don’t nurture a culture of inclusion. When properly managed and encouraged, a culture of inclusion unlocks some benefits we can’t achieve in any other way. Let’s …

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How to Be More Engaging?

How to Be More Engaging

We all want to be that person who can vividly describe ideas and paint colorful pictures with words. It almost seems like magic the way they captivate audiences with their voice. What can you do to become that person? Is it possible to change how others perceive you? It certainly isn’t magic. Here are 4 ways to help you …

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Training Matters Talk Show: Can You Simplify Compliance?

Can You Simplify Compliance?

Many of the people we work with ask us about regulatory issues. For this month’s Training Matters, Honey sought out an expert on the matter. How do you stay ahead of the burden of compliance? Darlia Fogarty from Compliance Alliance shares her expertise to answer all your questions related to the topic. About our Guest Darlia …

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Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Gutsy Managers Engage Employees

Drive Results, Engage Employees The most important decision executives make is whom they name as manager, at all levels throughout the company. The pivotal point to drive results sits in the lap of the front-line managers. They are the leaders that have everyday interaction with up to 90% of the workforce. They’re the ones who …

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Happy Thanksgiving

Pick Up the Pace for Cross-Selling

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to pick up the pace for cross-selling. Everyone is busy, has gift giving on their mind and appreciates someone that shows interest in them. Sometimes we avoid cross selling because we just don’t know what to say. Try some of these scripting ideas: Mrs. Reed, any special plans …

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How's Your Relationship with E-Mail?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox?

How Do You Organize Your Inbox? DO you organize your inbox? When you open your inbox, do you hold your breath in fear of an avalanche of new e-mails? There’s no denying that e-mail makes us feel overwhelmed and anxious, even stressed. Each new message is screaming for attention and we usually feel obligated to …

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Why Do Customers Stop Coming Back?

Why Do Customers Stop Coming Back?

There are many reasons why customers stop coming and take their business elsewhere. Sometimes this is simply unavoidable because the customer moves or is persuaded by a friend or family member with a powerful opinion. But what about the reasons you can impact? Are you influencing their decision to come back where you can? Here are three key factors that …

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