Handling Customer Complaints - Training Matters Talk Show Episode 29

Handling Customer Complaints

From time to time, a conflict will arise between you and a customer. How do you keep your cool when a customer expresses a complaint? What’s the best way to defuse the situation? Honey Shelton talks to customer service expert Teresa Allen about the types of complaints, where they are rooted, and how to react …

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Dealing with Gossip at Work

Managing Gossip in the Workplace

Managing Gossip in the Workplace Gossip in the workplace is very damaging to any relationship. If left unchecked, gossip can spill over and infect the entire team. If not handled properly, gossip can create a negative atmosphere that divides people into camps, creates tension or in extreme cases even fear among coworkers. Ultimately, the productivity …

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Smart Investment Choices - Training Matters Talk Show

Smart Investment Choices

Questions about how to make smart investment choices? Whether you’re just starting out, retirement is around the corner, or you’re somewhere in the middle: This episode of Training Matters is for you! Suzie Jones will inspire you to look at your investments differently and take action! Tune in to get a better understanding of how to make …

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Planning for Success blog post

Plot and Plan Your Success

Planning for success is hard. When it comes to achieving our goals, we often need that extra little push to keep going at some point. If we don’t get that nudge, we tend to lose motivation or even abandon our goal altogether. Why is following through so hard? What are we missing? Let’s find out! …

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Increasing Your Quality of Life blog post

Increase Your Quality of Life

How Are You Increasing Your Quality of Life? Are you happy with your quality of life or do you procrastinate sometimes and later regret that? We all know how satisfying it is when we finally cross the item that’s been bugging us for months off our list. So, why do we postpone the things that would …

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Meeting Best Practices

Meeting Best Practices

Wasting Time on Unproductive Meetings is an Ongoing Issue It’s no secret that most employees would rather be working than sitting through an unproductive meeting. This is simply a consequence of not knowing why or how to meet. Follow these meeting best practices! Value Don’t meet for the sake of meeting. Your meeting must have …

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Training Matters Episode 26: Cybersecurity - Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

Protecting Against Cyber Attacks

Is your bank or credit union protected against cyber attacks? Never before have we been under greater threat from the dangers that lurk online. Viruses, malware, phishing, hacking, identity theft, ransomware. Those are just a handful of things that should be of great concern to any business, but especially to a financial institution. Are you …

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Talent Management Plan Wisconsin Banker Article featuring Honey Shelton

Do You Have a Talent Management Plan?

Talent Management Plans Develop Your People for enterprise-wide ROI by Amber Seitz This article appeared first in “Wisconsin Banker“ One of the most important investments an organization can make is to develop its staff. A recent Gallup study found that companies that have implemented strengths-based management practices have more engaging and productive workplaces, leading to …

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Training Matters Episode 22: Lessons in Body Language with guest Jan Hargrave

Lessons in Body Language

Honey talks to body language expert Jan Hagrave to find out if actions speak louder than words. What impact does body language have on customer interactions? Tune in for an in-depth discussion on the do’s and don’ts, the dead giveaways, and the details to look for when communicating. Learn how to effectively use eye-contact, interpret handshakes, …

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Training Matters Episode 19: Are Virtual Tellers Right for Your Bank?

Are Virtual Tellers Right for Your Bank?

When would you install Interactive Teller Machines? What are the benefits? How do they transform your branch? Today we try to answer when interactive teller machines are a good fit for your bank. Honey  is joined today by Chuck Gearhart from Salin Bank in Indiana. Salin Bank pioneered Virtual Tellers in Indiana. Listen to what Chuck and Salin Bank have …

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How to Become a Role Model

How to Become a Role Model

A role model is a person who others look up to, admire and want to emulate. A role model provides inspiration and sparks motivation to seek out accomplishments. Role models send messages about their beliefs by what they do and say. They refrain from boasting and are quick to say I messed up. So, how do you become …

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