Be More Productive with Mind Mapping

Be More Productive with Mind Mapping

Before I can get anything produced I must get organized and come up with a plan, through mind mapping! Through mind mapping I can capture my ideas, visualize information, plan big projects, and manage my daily tasks.

Tame Your Mind With Mind Mapping

A creative mind is sometimes very hard to tame. I’m always on the search for useful tools in maximizing productivity while fostering creativity. MindGenius is quite well known mind mapping software with great features. You can try a 30-day free trial here. but do you know of the great free alternatives such as Moodle and -my favorite- MindMup?  These mind mapping programs easily help you to organize a project into managable chunks.  Any of these mind mapping tools will help you to visualize the scope of a project, then divide and catagorize the tasks. Eventhough Moodle and MindMup are free, they have all the features you would want. You can brainstorm and organizing the ideas generated, print them, export them or share them and collaborate with others. I have been frozen by a team project that was too big to get my mind around. Mind mapping tools will help you get the ball rolling.

After you try it out let me know which mind mapping tool fits your needs.

Still learning,

Honey Shelton