Bank Compliance Under a New President - Training Matters Episode 24

Bank Compliance Under a New President

There’s been a lot of talk in the industry about the changes 2017 and a drastically altered Washington DC will bring. We asked Mary Beth Guard from Bankers Online, our very first guest ever, back on the show to talk about the impact our new president and new administration may have on banking
Mary Beth answers your most pressing questions: Will Dodd Frank go away? What about the CFBP? Listen to what she anticipates will happen!

About Our Guest

Mary Beth Guard has been immersed in bank compliance matters for more than three decades as an attorney. Starting out in the regulatory world as general counsel for the state banking department, she moved on to head up the legal department of her state bankers association, where she served as a resource for thousands of bank employees. After a stint as head of specialized services for a global financial publishing firm, Mary Beth co-founded in 2000 and continues to serve as its Executive Editor. In addition, Mary Beth is CEO of BOL Conferences, Inc., Manager of the subscription service, and CEO of Glia Group, Inc., which produces the BOL Learning Connect webinars.

Mary Beth has served on the faculty of four graduates schools of banking, has taught at schools for ABA and BAI, and has provided training programs for a wide range of state and national industry groups, in addition to authoring more than 1,00 banking-related articles, creating compliance matrices, and producing webinars and conferences

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