Angry Customers

Angry Customers

We all have to deal with angry customers.  Since so many customers now do most of their banking online or at ATMs, the only time they come into a branch or call you may be when there is a problem.  When there is a problem they can’t resolve on their own, they tend to take their anger out on the first bank employee they see.

How Do You Deal With Emotionally Overcharged Customers?

First, try to keep your emotions in check.  Next imagine yourself in their position.  They first need to be heard.  You may think you understand their situation but unless you engage in active listening you may miss an important element.  The problem with the bank may be just one of many things that aren’t going quite right in their life.  You may be the one person who is truly trying to understand their situation.

I have a friend who is a service representative in a car dealer repair department.  He deals only with people incredibly frustrated with their automobiles.  When the car dies your life is temporarily put on hold.  You can’t get to work.  You can’t go do your favorite hobby.  You can’t get groceries.  So on top of having car problems, you may be low on cash, low on fun and hungry.  My friend has a very good temperament.  He makes it a game in his mind to find what he can do to turn his customers day from horrible to hopeful.  He listens to whatever they need to rant about.  He then assures them he will do all in his power to get their car up and running as quick as possible.  He also has a fleet of loaner cars to lend.  When he hands them the keys to a loaner car which is usually nicer than the car they brought in, he turns their day around.

We need to deal with angry bank customers in the same way.  Hear them out.  Offer solutions or let them know you will contact them as soon as you can figure out a resolution.

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