InterAction Training was founded by Honey Shelton, so our story starts with her. Honey began her career in banking on the teller line. She worked in a variety of positions but found herself drawn to marketing, sales and business development.

In her role as Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Honey found her place in drumming up business and building the brand of the bank. During that time, Honey was given plenty of opportunities to expand her reach and challenge her growth and learning.

Her responsibilities contributed to the growth of the bank while her insights created opportunities for an extraordinary service culture for employees and customers alike. Honey turned out to be the essential link bridging high expectations with limited training support. She created a training plan and was very passionate about developing and presenting it.

Several years later a colleague that had started her own training company nudged Honey to do the same. In 1983 Honey stood at the cradle of InterAction Training.  The company’s purpose has been clear ever since: Create and deliver extraordinary professional development.

Honey and her team at InterAction Training have been privileged to work with over 600 national and international clients. InterAction Training works closely with financial institutions, state banking associations, credit union leagues and a mix of other industries. Our philosophy of delivering excellence ensures our clients want training programs, workshops and webinars from our expert training professionals, time and time again.

The Next Chapter
Vicki Kraai is named CEO of InterAction Training, August of 2020

“I’m beyond honored and humbled to carry on the same company purpose to create and deliver extraordinary professional development to all that partner with InterAction Training.  Honey has left us an amazing legacy and our team intends to continue to deliver for our clients, as your success is ours!”
-Vicki Kraai

“When I formed InterAction Training in 1983, I was eager to see what the future would hold.  The company grew and over the span of the next 35+ years, our team enjoyed working with financial institutions, webinar providers, and the state banking associations from coast to coast. The future is brighter now than ever.   Vicki Kraai has been named CEO. A former banker from a Nebraska banking family, Vicki is energetic, bright, and the perfect leader to take InterAction Training to a whole new dimension.  If you need engaging and meaningful training for your team, reach out to Vicki and you, like the rest of our clients will be glad you did.”
-Honey Shelton