5 Payoffs for Training Tellers

5 Payoffs for Training Tellers

We all can agree that no matter what is or isn’t or what will or won’t happen with the future of branch it still matters what happens when a client walks into one of yours. When a client or a prospect comes to the branch it is an important opportunity to reinforce the brand and showcase the customer experience. Plus, every teller decision and transaction must meet the risk management standards, policies, regulations, and procedures that are in place to protect the company from fraud, errors, and not being compliant.

Our webinar, It’s More Than a Balancing Act is just what your teller team needs. This two-hour webinar will be an idea training session that promises to reinforce essential skills for your tellers. You can buy the recorded version here.

5 Payoffs Tellers Will Learn Through “It’s More Than a Balancing Act”

The teller will be reminded to:

  1. Stay mindful of following checklists pertaining to cash, audit, procedures and policies.
  2. Adhere to security procedures sensitive to the teller area.
  3. Pay full attention to all verification concerns when cashing checks – valid identification, signatures, account history, etc.
  4. Offer suggestions and solutions routinely as a part of each transaction to ensure the customer can take advantage of all the products and services that the company has to offer.
  5. Use the high five approach with every customer interaction: look up with a smile, make eye contact, greet them visually/verbally, use their name and say thank you.

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