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12 Tips on Coaching Employees

Coaching isn’t about telling, it’s about engaging the other person. First engage and then listen! Are you charged with inspiring, guiding and engaging others? If yes, that calls for you to “up your game” with coaching expertise. Put these tips to work for you as a coach.

A Dozen Tips To Improve Your Coaching Effectiveness

You have many of the same responsibilities as your coach. Tap into these twelve suggestions in order to make MVP

  1. Have a clock where both parties can see it – even take off your watch and put it on the table. Confirm from the start how long the coaching session will last.
  2. Quickly create an agenda if one wasn’t established in advance and prioritize the central points.
  3. Concentrate as much as possible; avoid thinking about your next response while the other person is speaking.
  4. Take notes on what you hear; documenting and follow up are key.
  5. Never coach from behind your desk.
  6. Use affirming body language to show your employee you are focused on what is being said.
  7. Have patience when your employee is speaking, especially if they need time to explain something
  8. Maintain as much direct eye contact as you can.
  9. Keep your cell phone out of the coaching session.
  10. If you are in your office turn on the do not disturb button on your desk phone.
  11. Hang a sign on your door requesting to not be interrupted.
  12. Smile and be as friendly and sincere as you can when your employee is doing the talking.

If you are the coach put these to good use. If you are the employee that is fortunate to have a supervisor that strives to excel as a coach take note. Don’t forget to use our handy Coaching Session Guide! It’s free!

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