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    In-person: November 8-9, 2022 / Virtual: March 9-10, 2023

    Train the Trainer : Training Foundations

    Training program for adult educators that want to excel at engaging learners and producing results. This program is offered in-person.
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    In-person: November 10-11, 2022 / Virtual: March 16-17, 2023

    Train the Trainer: Impactful Designs

    Learn to create standout presentations, handouts, worksheets, and training manuals. This program is offered in-person.

Our clients are more than customers, they are partners.

We proudly serve hundreds of clients and have the pleasure to continually help many grow their success on multiple occasions. Some of our clients have put their trust in us for nearly 30 years! Regardless of your industry, we can fill a specific need in your organization with tailor-made programs or you can come to us for one of our boot camps, webinars, certification programs, or online classes.

“I’m beyond honored and humbled to carry on the same company purpose to create and deliver extraordinary professional development to all who partner with InterAction Training. Honey left us an amazing legacy and our team intends to continue to deliver, for our clients, as your success is ours!”
-Vicki Kraai
“When I formed InterAction Training in 1983, I was eager to see what the future would hold. The company grew and over the span of the next 35+ years, our team enjoyed working with financial institutions, webinar providers, and the state banking associations from coast to coast. The future is brighter now than ever. Vicki Kraai was named CEO in 2020. A former banker from a Nebraska banking family, Vicki is energetic, bright, and the perfect leader to take InterAction Training to a whole new dimension. If you need engaging and meaningful training for your team, reach out to Vicki and you, like the rest of our clients will be glad you did.”
-Honey Shelton

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